Best Vegan Banana Bread Recipe!

(flour free – oil free – sugar free – dairy free – gluten free – vegan)

I cannot take all the credit for this awesome recipe, however I did tweak ever so slightly on just a few things, and will talk you through exactly how I made this awesome, wonderful, amazing banana loaf!

So first of all you will need to gather together all of your ingredients:

  • 3 Ripe bananas
  • 2 Cups of oats (normal or gluten-free or whatever oats you prefer to use or pre made oat flour)
  • 12 Big juicy pitted medajool dates (I use the tesco organic ones you find in the fruit and veg section, usually with all the nuts)
  • 1/2 cup of non dairy milk (I used rice milk)
  • 2 tbsp of flaxseed or chia seeds (I used flax)\
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Cinnamon (kinda just poured a load in, maybe 2 tsp)
  • Mixed spices (same as above)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • A loaf tin
  • OPTIONAL – Raisins, dark chocolate chips, crushed nuts.

PRE HEAT YOUR OVEN TO 150! (Make sure you bake this on a lower heat and for a longer time than it says on the original recipe, which I have linked at the bottom of the post)

First of all: Take your flax seeds and mix them with 6 tbsp of cold water and set to one side.

Then – Take your oats and grind them up in a food processor or blender, or use the nutribullet milling blade.  Once you have done that it is important that you sieve the oats, seive them as much as you can and you will be left with some gritty bits.  Just chuck them away or feed them to the birds (tweet tweet) :O) It does take a little while but I feel it is quite an important part for creating the end result.

Add the other dry ingredients – spices, baking soda, baking powder and mix.

Next step – Take your blender.  I use a Magimix food blender.  Add the banana, the dates, milk, flaxseed/water mixture, apple cider, and blend until smoooooooooth.

Then all you need to do is combine the dry, the wet and mix well.  I used a wooden spoon and allowed air to get into the batter.  From here add crushed nuts or dark chocolate chips or dried fruit.



The mixture is quite a thick batter, you will not be able to just pour the mixture into the tin, you will have to use a spoon, so you are not looking for a really runny consistency.


Then all you need to do is stick it in the oven.  I do not have a fan oven.  I baked it on around 150 for 50 minutes, then I checked it and re set the timer for another 20 minutes, checking it periodically.  You will know when it is done because a knife will come out clean and the top goes really crispy and brown.


Leave to cool – or if you are like me, don’t leave to cool!! because it smells to freeking nice, I just couldn’t.  It was straight out the tin and into my mouth.  P.S  This loaf cut perfect the next day when it was totally cool, it wasnt sticky or under cooked.

Perfect tea loaf, or breakfast loaf, or whatever time of day loaf :O)



Thank You!










Banana and Muesli Cookies (vegan)

I love creating recipes by using the natural sweetness in fruit and grains.   I was in the car today and got the urge to make some cookies, but something slightly different to the usual banana foundation/base.  I wanted to add a little fat as well so I can use them for long runs as  a fuel source.  I usually make bars and add some kind of nut butter to them, so these are pretty similar.

I also wanted to add apple to make them extra sweet, as I knew the apple would caramelize and make them a little crispy on the edges as they cooked.

So for the prep I headed to Tesco and brought some ripe bananas (reduced to 58p as they were extra ripe – doesn’t beat Asda though, I got loads for 18p in there last week lol)  I also got a bag of cashew nuts, two jars of apple baby food ( Hipp Organic) as I was being lazy lol! definitely make your own, it’s so easy to stew up some apples and puree them.   I was also on the look out for some no added sugar muesli which in my own experience is usually really hard to come by, or it is sweetened with honey, which I don’t eat! However Quaker seem to have upped their game a little bit and I managed to get some, which you can see below:  I will look forward to having this for breakfast too with some rice milk and frozen fruit.

That was all I needed to buy so headed home and got too it.  I kinda just chucked it as per usual but kept an eye on measurements this time so I could blog it, as I had good thoughts about this one lol!


The ingredients are:

  • 3 Ripe bananas
  • 2 small jars of just apple (Hipp Organic) baby food
  • 1 cup of cashew nuts
  • 2.5 cups of muesli
  • half a cup of ground up oats
  • half a cup of dried fruit. I used raisins and some diced dates
  • cinnamon to taste.  I used about 2 teaspoons


Pre heat the oven to 160 (mine isn’t a fan oven so may vary)

Put the banana, nuts and apple jars (not the actual jars, just their content haha) into a high speed blender and blend until smooooooooooth.  It will literally go like a thick pancake batter.

Pour the batter into a large bowl.

Add the muesli and ground oats, cinnamon and dried fruit and mix together with a wooden spoon, or metal spoon or any spoon you like :O)




Then simple mould the cookie to whatever size you like.  I used an 1/8 cup to scoop out the mixture onto the tray.


Then just wack in the oven and cook for 20 minutes – you can vary this depending on how you like them.  Longer for extra crispy, or less time for a gooeyer cookie.

Use variation as well, so add dark chocholate chips if you like, or use a different dried fruit, or no dried fruit, or extra walnuts.

ENJOY!  Please share your feedback on my social media if you decide to make them.  Feel free to friend me or follow my AimHigh-BeStrong page – Both links are below.








What Works?

Almost every single person I come across are seeking a diet “that works” and the only reason why I am writing about this is because I used to search for a diet that worked as well, and now I don’t. So maybe when you tell someone you are on a diet, maybe the response should be “a diet of what?”


I feel like I have been in a lot of people shoes and I have experimented on my own body with high this and low that. This many calories and that many calories, that I know how it feels!!! Yes! It’s bloody tiring I know!  I have weighed out my food, carrots and potatoes and even put one carrot back to make the amount exact because I thought something would happen if I ate “over” on a specific food group.

I can’t even remember when the transition happened, all I know is that it has been a slow transition over the period of about 3 years, maybe a little more.  My interest in nutrition and health has just grown and grown right from the start of my journey.

One of the major aspects for me was how people are healing themselves from Cancer and heart disease and other diseases by eating a whole foods plant-based diet, cutting out animal products, eating for health and longevity and reversing diseases.  Nearly all disease is brought on by poor dietary choices, so to me it is only common sense that they can also be reversed by dietary choices.  Please take some time to watch the video in this link, it will give you an insight into what I see.  It is the reason why I am venturing into nutritional medicine because I want to help the ones who want to be helped, and it can be a lot easier than we are led to believe.

The biggest transition for me was the volume of fruit and veg, grains and beans I started eating that kind of replaced the other food I was eating before and I found myself actually feeling “satisfied” and when I say satisfied I mean my body was getting exactly what it needed from the food I was eating.  I make huge green salads and struggle to finish them.

I was talking with a client last night about this, and literally sat there and thought “what do omnivore’s eat?”  Because I know for me before going plant-based my diet hugely lacked any source of fibre, vitamins and minerals.  Fruit and veg rarely went into my trolley and if it did it would go mouldy in my fridge! I guess I used to eat a lot of processed food as well as meat dairy and eggs.  They would dominate my plate.


This is a way of life and I feel for most it’s a struggle or it’s restrictive, or it’s too complicated! But it is a way of life I have had as a goal, to me it is just food, it hasn’t come overnight and I have invested my whole self into changing.  Not just in what I eat but in who I choose to be around, what I choose to do as a job, how I choose to move.

You can ignore the ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’ aspect of why I choose to eat this way because for me health overrides any of the other reasons, and for me it is difficult and painful to see how much people abuse their body to get to their “Goal Weight”

People are obsessed with what they eat!  everyone has different ethical views, different bias, different opinions and views on what health is, what health looks like.  Most like the idea of moderation, yet is it effective for weight loss?  Moderation can be seen as holding onto habits that really need to be said goodbye too, demons that will eventually come back and bite you in the bum.

Keeping your previous needs topped up whilst trying to create change, some may call it a vicious circle!  You might be better just creating new choices around the moderation, scrap the moderation and make the changes you actually need to make, to be where you want to be on a long-term basis, rather than having a goal weight as a finish line, then putting it all back on again, which in most cases is what happens.

When you see food as “food” so one ingredient item, whole foods.  Nothing added, no added sugar, just natural sugar already inside the fruit or vegetable. When you see that protein is in everything you are able to let go of “adding protein” to meals! you do not need to add anything to meals.  By eating whole foods you are getting proportion, amino acids, fat and energy, and you also get to feel satisfied.  When your body says to you “aahhhh yes I needed that” and it stays like that for a good while, if you are eating the right kinds of food you should never feel hungry after eating a meal, because you aren’t hungry, you have just eaten a nutritious meal.  Eat a meal that lacks nutrients yet packed with calories you may feel bloated and full and a bit “stuffed” yet your body will still be hungry, because you haven’t given it what it needs.

Most of the time the body is craving rather than hungry (over fed under nourished) type thing. So the body is hungry for nourishment rather than calories. But then people just grab any old thing, pumping in more calories rather than what it needs, then round we go again.  So an obese person can be just as malnourished as an underweight person just through the food choices they make.

Why feel hungry when you have access to food pretty much 24/4. I believe food is massively over thought about and complicated, it really is very simple, but in front of the simplicity we have addiction, impulse, social pressure, family pressure, wants, needs, tradition, moderation (which ethically generally does not work in the long run) Let go of all these and it all appears very differently.

Use your body as a guide, eat whole foods.  An abundance of dark leafy greens, mushroom, bulbs and vegetables.  Add energy were needed, beans, legumes, lentils, fruits (including dried fruit like dates, figs and apricots) veg, potatoes, wild rice, whole grains.  Eat nuts, seeds and flax daily.  Just go into a supermarket and look at how much choice there is around whole foods. Please also download the Dr Gregor Daily Dozen app its awesome!  Introduce these things into your day, and allow the animal products to reduce.

Ultimately you have a choice with everything, what you choose is up to you.  This picture below was a “I’m in a real rush and need to grab something quick to eat” moment.  Something I hear a lot from people.  Generally this would look like crisps and a packaged sandwich for most people.  This is the other option, fruit dates and nuts! perfect combo! and I felt satisfied after eating it.


Ask yourself these questions.

What do you think your body looks like? Write it down now……….

What do you think other people see when they look at your body?  Write it down now…….

What do you think your children see when they look at your body? Write it down now……

What do you want? Write it down now……….

When you get what you want, then what? Write it down now………….

What does your ‘Goal Weight’ look like?  Write it down now…………

How will your ‘Goal Weight” feel?  Write it down now……..

When you reach your ‘Goal Weight’ then what? Write it down……..

What are you prepared to do to get to your ‘Goal Weight’? (realistic or unrealistic) Write it down now………..

What does health feel like to you?  Write it down now…………

 Then just read the answers and see how you feel, reflect on them.  Why do people over think food when there is so much choice out there.  Why are you forever searching for something that works, to me there is only one way to eat food, and that is to just eat “food” – look deeper into what I am saying, not just what it appears like on the surface.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 22.09.35.png