Welcome to my world of running, nutrition and nature…………..

I got back into running around August 2013. I would go out and run around 2-3 miles, at this time I was running along side other home based workouts like insanity.  It was simple to me, I was consistent and it was something I very soon discovered I enjoyed. As I began to go longer and my nutrition knowledge started to grow I decided to make running my main focus and just run.  I use the saying “just run” a lot because that’s all I did. I would track my runs on my phone using Nike Running and just go,  some days I would shock myself at how far I had gone. I have never ever been one for doing running events or getting medals, it’s always been something I have done for me, I find so much peace in the fact I can run miles and miles in nature, on the fuel I put into my body.  Up until a very short while ago I had no idea what Taper meant, all these running terms that are thrown about I just didn’t understand.  I didn’t overthink anything, I just ran!

There was one event I had ear marked for years, and this is going back before my youngest daughter was born, around 2012 when I ran a few half marathons,  yet I never felt healthy or capable enough to do a full marathon, I remeber saying to my dad “How the hell did they do that twice!”.  I saw people who ran the Trail Marathon Wales as super human beings and running this distance was something I didn’t even comprehend.

Consistency over the years has led me to completing the Trail Marathon Wales and also running my first 50 mile ultra marathon, with solo 30-40 miles on my own just for the pure joy of running.  Consistency is such a powerful word, and it is key to so many things in life.

As my nutrition knowledge grew, through coaching and helping others achieve their goals and using mentors and the internet to expand my knowledge. I am beginning to achieve more than I ever imagined.

Always set goals that are above your current expectations.  The people who I once thought were super human I now walk in their shoes. The bar always moves, the more you achieve the more you gain and the more your own expectations grow.

I am now training towards my first 100 mile ultra in May 2017! along with studying,  and being a mum, life is pretty good.  I decided to at the start of this year that I wanted to take my nutrition to the next level and aim for a dietetics degree, and then go onto nutritional medicine. At the moment this is what I am reaching for………………

So I need to keep this open lol!! I did it! my first 100 miler, you have probably seen my blog post about it, if you haven’t then go have a read! I have also been up to a few things since then, including sweeping a 100k, a few solo 30 mile efforts, a solo 24 hour looped run and I also helped out on the Mendip Marauder.